Flights System for Travel Agencies

Increase profits by offering flight booking services with ready-to-use Waavo solution.

At Waavo, we provide an innovative flight booking system tailored to streamline travel reservations for your agency. Our solution integrates via an iframe, enabling users to search for and book the best-priced direct or multi-leg flights. Enhance your service offerings and deliver exceptional value to your customers with our robust and feature-rich platform.

Main features

Seamless Integration

  • Effortlessly embed iframes into your existing website.
  • Provide real-time search and booking for flights.

API integration

  • Leverage our API for personalized data solutions and strategic decision-making.
  • Enable or disable flight suppliers as required.

Comprehensive admin panel

  • Manage bookings and system settings with an easy-to-use admin interface.
  • Add custom markups based on destination.

Price Alerts and Bonuses

  • Set your price and receive offers by email when flight is found.
  • Filtered best prices for traveling to most popular cities.
  • Client’s user panel to track flight reservation history and to get bonuses

Flexible management tools

  • Activate or deactivate destinations
  • Activate and deactivate airlines.
  • Integration to accountant system (Navision and etc.)
  • Customize email templates with variables and send SMS notifications for order status.
  • Implement markups.

Multilingual and multi-currency support

  • Available in multiple languages: English, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch.
  • Auto currency conversion for international transactions.

Additional information

  • GDS and NDC integration
  • Multi-leg Fares
  • Opportunity for auto-printing tickets of Travelport, Amadeus Quick connect, Webservices.
  • Include a fare finder module and holiday weekend trips filter.

Supported flight suppliers

Amadeus webservices


Amadeus technology powers the global travel and tourism industry. From airlines to search engines, travel agencies to hotels, the world’s top travel brands rely on Amadeus to help create exceptional traveler experiences.


Air Gateway

Air Gateway offers real-time aggregated content for 30+ NDC airlines. Shop, Book, and Fully Service your NDC in one single API/Agent Desktop.



Travelport is a travel retail platform that connects travel product suppliers (airlines, hotels, cruise lines, etc.) to resellers (travel agents, travel management companies, tour operators, etc.)



Travelfusion aggregates 360+ low cost carriers (LCCs), 42+ Full Service Carriers (FSCs), rail and hotel operators. Our global team of operations, engineers and customer services help us provide an unparralled service to our customers and suppliers.



Hitchhiker Working as an independent travel software company since 1992, HitchHiker has been developing software solutions for airlines, consolidators, online portals (OTAs), travel agencies, tour operators and travel management companies.


AirBaltic NDC

AirBaltic offers cheap flights to the Baltics, Middle East and Europe online today from airBaltic. Fly to 70+ destinations from Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn.

Low cost airlines

Low cost airlines

Low cost airlines. Waavo offers several lowcost airlines to combine flight+hotel packages and have best holiday package deals on the market.


Lufthansa NDC

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, or simply Lufthansa, is the flag carrier of Germany. When combined with its subsidiaries, it ranks second in Europe for passengers carried, largest in Europe and fourth largest in the world by revenue.

Aegean airlines

Aegean airlines NDC 

Aegean Airlines S.A. is the flag carrier of Greece and the largest Greek airline by total number of passengers carried, by number of destinations served, and by fleet size.


Flight Reservation System

Yes, our system allows for custom designs using our themes technology to ensure a seamless and branded user experience.

We provide internal low-cost fares from airlines such as Norwegian Air, Airbaltic, and Easyjet and other popular low-cost airlines. These fares are integrated and maintained by us.

Yes, other airlines can also be implemented into our system to expand your service offerings.

Yes, our system includes an auto check-in feature for low-cost carriers, along with a document collector that forwards necessary documents to end-clients.

Yes, our system offers the opportunity for auto-printing tickets through Travelport or Amadeus Quick Connect, and Webservices.

Our system supports multi-leg fares, which often provide the best prices compared to our competitors.

We support integrated payments with Paysera, PayPal, Firstdata, Scandinavian bank-links, Stripe, Wirecard, and many others.

Yes, similar to Ryanair, our system includes a fare finder module and a holiday weekend trips filter to help users find the best deals.

Yes, users can subscribe to price alerts to receive search results via email.

The Travelport UAPI developer license allows an easy way to start selling flights. More information is available at Travelport Marketplace.

Yes, our system can be integrated with accounting systems, with Navision already implemented.

The user panel allows customers to track their reservation history, receive bonuses, and more.

Yes, our system can generate invoices for companies to streamline their accounting processes.

Yes, SMS notifications can be sent to update customers on their order status.

Yes, we provide a B2B site specifically designed for agencies to manage their bookings and client interactions efficiently.

If our iFrame integration meets your requirements, the process is usually fast. Alternatively, if you require specific design and functionality, we can provide API code for your customization needs.

Yes, an IATA license is required to sell flights.

In brief, while both GDS Fares and NDC Fares serve the primary purpose of distributing flights, they represent distinct paradigms in travel distribution. GDS offers broad distribution capabilities and standardized processes, whereas NDC enables personalized offers and innovative fare products.

  • GDS operates with data flow from Airlines ⇒ GDS provider ⇒ Agency, with major providers being Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre. Waavo handles the integration.
  • NDC operates with data flow directly from Airlines to the Agency. Leveraging NDC data enables more customized flight options, such as bonus systems like miles, and the choice of luggage sizes beyond standard options, and more depending on the airline. Waavo manages the integration.

These FAQs should help clarify common questions and provide detailed information about Waavo’s Flights System for travel agencies.

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