Travels System for Travel Agencies

Solutions to Simplify Selling Travel Packages Online

Save a significant amount of time and do your work much more efficient with our comprehensive Travel Package System solution. At Waavo, we offer time saving Travel Packages system designed to cut non value creating activities and to streamline package bookings for your agency. We can provide a travel search engine via iFrame with various filters, or you can utilise our API, where the only limit is your imagination. Also backend system. It is estimated that the Waavo backend system tools saves 2-4 hours of agent work per day!

Seamless Integration

  • Effortless iframe integration into your existing website
  • Real-time search for the best travel options

API integration

  • Utilize our API for custom data solutions and decision-making
  • Get our consultation on the code for smoother integration

Comprehensive admin panel

  • Easy-to-use admin interface for managing bookings and system settings
  • Add custom markups based on destination, hotel, departure dates, and more
  • Add additional users if needed

Discount and promotion features

  • Offer discounts and create discount codes
  • Set up custom advances for special offers
  • Send payment reminder emails based on custom selections up to the departure date

Flexible management tools

  • Activate or deactivate destinations, hotels, operators, and airports
  • Create custom pages for terms and conditions
  • Generate automated agreements for clients
  • Customize email templates with variables and send SMS notifications for orders
  • Implement markups for packages

Multilingual and multi-currency support

  • Available in multiple languages: English, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch
  • Auto currency conversion for international transactions

Monitoring Tools

  • Holiday Mailer statistics to track employee conversion rates
  • Turnover calculation for a selected period of time
  • Analysis of the most popular destinations and hotels
  • Orders tracking tool to find uncompleted reservations

Time-Saving Tools

  • B2B Travel Search compares different operators’ prices and provides the best deals in seconds based on customer needs
  • Holiday Mailer generates customised offer emails in seconds


FAQ for B2B Travel Reservation System

Our B2B Travel Reservation System is designed to help travel agencies enhance their online presence by directly selling a wide range of travel products on their websites. It provides a user-friendly interface and comprehensive backend support, streamlining the booking process for both agents and clients.

Our system currently integrates with the following operators:

  • TezTour
  • Novaturas
  • Join Up
  • Coral Travel
  • AnexTour, etc.


Other operators could be added upon request.

  • Seamless Integration: Effortless iframe integration into your existing website.
  • CRM Features: Track past and current orders.
  • Destinations Management: Activate or deactivate destinations as needed.
  • KPI Monitoring Tools: Track key performance indicators.
  • Email Templates: Use customizable templates with variables.
  • SMS Sending: Send order notifications via SMS.
  • Discount Management: Offer discounts and create discount codes.
  • Custom Advances: Set up advances for special offers.
  • Payment Reminders: Send payment reminder emails up to the departure date.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in English, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, Swedish, and Dutch.
  • Auto Currency Conversion: Automatic currency conversion for international transactions.
  • API Integration: Utilize our API for custom data solutions and decision-making.
  • Holiday Mailer: Generate customized offer emails quickly, saving approximately 30 minutes per email.

The system supports a wide range of payment options, including:

  • Paysera
  • FirstData
  • Banklinks (Swedbank, Luminor, SEB)
  • ZooPay
  • MobilPay
  • Victoria Bank
  • Mollie
  • Bilderlings Pay
  • Payex
  • Bambora
  • Wirecard
  • General Financing
  • Platron
  • Paymaster
  • Stripe
  • EveryPay
  • kevin
  • Svea Payments
  • Inbank
  • PayPal
  • Revolut
  • Montonio

You will need to have agreements with operators and logins to their reservation systems. API credentials are also required from some operators.

The system offers effortless iframe integration, allowing you to embed it seamlessly into your existing website. For more advanced integration, you can use our API for custom data solutions and decision-making.

The Holiday Mailer feature allows you to generate customized offer emails quickly, saving approximately 30 minutes per email. This tool helps you create personalized offers that can increase customer engagement and sales.

These FAQs should help clarify common questions and provide detailed information about Waavo’s Travels System for travel agencies.

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